ECAD (Eagle County Ambi District): Supplies, Mobile Radios, EMS Equipment, 2001 Expedition, and Training

WECAD (Western Eagle County Ambi District): Supplies, Training, 10 First Responder bags for firefighter personal vehicles

ECSO (Eagle County Sheriffs Office): Background Checks, Support

Vail Dispatch: Support, free service.

Vail Police Department: 15 XTS 3000 Radios, support

Eagle County Emergency Management: Radio support

Eagle County GIS: Maps

Eagle County Community Development: Support

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District: Supplies, Training, Mutual Aid

Gypsum Fire Protection District: Supplies, bunker gear, radio support, and earplugs

Vail Fire: Training, Extrication Equipment Hydraulic, Air Chisel, Stokes Basket

Active Communications: Free Web Site

CenturyTel: Free Static IP Address

Colorado Fire Chiefs Association: Sponsored Membership 2008

Wilan Hopkins (Ernie & Myra Cock Family): 18 x 22 Building

Richard “Old Dog” Galloway: Meeting/Training space, supplies, truck parts

Bob Ford, John and Josh Ford: Lumber, labor, and equipment

Rick Karrow: Wood Sign

Sarah Glass: Artwork for sign

Sign Design: Truck signs

CDOT: New ANSI 107 Traffic Vests, 12 Tall Traffic Cones and 4 Boxes of Flares

Carl Horn: Fuel pump and labor on Rescue 25 and Brush 25

Union Pacific Railroad: 20X40 building